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We are excited to introduce the Force Energy Solutions blog, your online resource for industry-leading insight into all things HERS Rater and Energy Efficiency / Code Compliance related.

We understand how crucial it is to get an efficient, effective and code-compliant build right from the outset. With years of expertise, our team at FES are more than just inspectors; we're your partners in construction, helping builders and HVAC contractors navigate the complex world of energy compliance.

We look forward to engaging, educating, and supporting you through this platform. With the same customer-focused drive that defines FES, our blog is committed to helping you stay well-informed, code-compliant, and energy-efficient.



Unlock Cost-Saving Benefits w/ Energy Efficient Homes

FES is your trusted partner in achieving a comfortable, energy-efficient build that saves your clients money, increases their property value, and contributes to a healthier more efficient home, making your product truly top-of-the-line. We provide personalized solutions for builders of all sizes.

The Energy Efficiency Inspection Process: What Builders Should Expect

The homes you build today need to do more than just look good and stand strong; they also need to adhere to certain energy efficiency standards. With the intensifying focus on environmental sustainability and cost-saving measures, keen attention must be paid to how energy-efficient a building is.

The Importance of HERS Rating in Home Building

It has become increasingly important for homeowners and builders to make decisions that reflect an understanding and commitment to energy efficiency. But how does one measure the energy efficiency of a home? For anyone focused on constructing or purchasing an energy-efficient home, we'll cover the basics of a HERS Rating.